Thursday, July 12, 2012

Shelves and Furniture in the Workshop

Another task I have finished is making new workbenches and shelves for my business, . I have verified that a good space to work in is very important, and easily pays for itself, so I made some good sturdy shelves for my storage area, and nice workbenches on which to repair and refurbish electronics.
This is where I store some of the items waiting to be repaired. All the shelves are made of OSB and 2x4 's.

I also added some shelves to the walls to keep the clutter off the ground.
This table is divided in the middle, I wanted it 1/2 of it to be like one of those desks they have in the study halls and school libraries.

These workbenches are 2' x 8', I made 2 of them
I left an open space and quickly used it to change the struts on the van. It is a great delight to be able to work indoors on a car!

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