Monday, June 11, 2012

Washer and Dryer and Furniture

We were able to buy a good used washer and dryer for 300.00 (for the pair) from a local shop. We also got a bunch of furniture from Ikea, including a huge closet, a sofa, a bed for Lucy, and many other items. Everything fit into our Dodge "cargo" Caravan, which has been an extremely useful car and saved us a lot of money on having things delivered.

First Projects: new steps

The insurance company didn't like the idea of us having doors opening up to the yard with no steps under them! For this reason, another one of the early projects was the creation of a staircase under the door from the master bedroom. Lucy enjoys the steps more than anybody, using them to practice going up and down. 

Sunday, June 10, 2012

First Projects: Fence

The first few things we did to the home were accomplished in June. We had to build about 100 feet of new cedar picket fence, and 3 gates, to ensure that Lucy wouldn't wander into the stream or road when we weren't looking. There were also a number of repairs that had to be done to the existing fence, since the previous owner had lamas, which must have been very and had kicked holes right through the fence.
We put the 8 foot posts in holes that were about 32" deep, leaving about 5 1/2 feet above ground. I also put concrete in each hole.

Mike also helped with putting up the fence. Thanks!
The donkeys (belonging to the neighbors) looked forlorn that they could no longer look through into our yard
This is the yard before we put the fence up

Lucy and I standing in front of the new fence